Domestic Scale Culture

With everyone doing all they can to support the war, and to be patriotic; the advertisements in the 1940s catered to the peoples’ desire to be just that.


Makeup use in general was decreased, that included in the USA, during WWII because chemicals needed for production were also needed for the war. That being said, it was largely considered crucial for moral for the essentials of makeup to continue to be produced and distributed.

As time would go on, makeup would be rationed, and some products would experience temporary stoppages — thus moving the domestic culture into a more “natural” look.

Another effect on the fashions of the domestic scale can be seen in the phrase still lasting today, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Family members of brothers, father, sons at war knew that the thriftier they could be, the better taken care of the troops would be. So as advertisements and propaganda called the homemakers of 1940 to recycle clothing in anyway possible — it greatly influenced what was and wasn’t worn.There were fashions involving less fabric
Clothing made out of old, worn-out clothing
Clothing remade several times over.



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